Yikes, it’s 2015 almost 2106 or 2616 or 1016 or something,

Almost ten years ago I started the studilaroche podcast as a repository for the original and experimental music I make outside the realm of bands and works for hire. Initially the concept was to make experimental works, twenty minutes in length. The first podcast, ‘:001 ca(jones)’, bears this out, but I quickly discovered this template would prohibit any sort of timely output and felt too restrictive.

Every podcast is an experiment in some way for me; an experiment with a new microphone, a new piece of equipment, e.g. a compressor, equalizer, preamp, guitar, amplifier, pedal, etc, vocal technique, mixing technique, composition, form, arrangement, song length, or working within a particular time restriction is at the core of each of these tunes.

Some of my favorite music that I’ve created is here at the podcast. As I approach the tenth anniversary of the podcast, I’m moving the hosting from a third party to my own website. The RSS feed has been updated with aggregators such as iTunes.

Soon I’ll post a ‘last’ episode to the old Podomatic feed and then pull it down for good. It will live here at my own website IN PERPETUITY.

Cheers, lovers,


original description:

this is a melding of many recorded things: sweeping, pianos, most of the instruments in my studio (although most of them were muted) and historical audio from the end of j’town. all the music at the very end of this long podcast is a completely improvised series of overdubs, without referencing the previously recorded parts. no metronome. let me know what you think of this, for good reason.