Now we’re getting to the good stuff! I think I had recently acquired my grandfather’s spinet piano and was stoked to have a ‘real’ piano in my then-home studio in Decatur.

I was looking for Japanese syllables on the internet to construct the lead vocal for this chill tune, and found what I found, which, after much editing started sounding like English to my ear. Those are reel tape squiggles in the beginning, thanks to Bret Hartley for the use of his TEAC 3340s 1/4″ tape machine.

Indeed, I’m rude. Definitely inspired by the drums on ‘Seventeen Seconds’ by the Cure.


more or less original description:

= two days, 48 hours.

the first cycle: the beat, bass, keys, guitars and vocal stacks were recorded, written, arranged, et al.

second cycle: other voices, editing, more editing, more editing, sax-o-phone, hammond, holophoner and the mix were achieved.

yes, there are some hard edits in there. enjoy them. kind of reminds me of the big agency up in the blue sky.

let me know what you think. thank you. good bye.
piano solo by stella laroche.