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:133 (should you say) IN MEMORIUM:BOS TWO

another memorial

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  • All Totarry Natuella

:131 Forest Fires Are Totally Natural


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  • In Memorium

:129 Ricochet (You Could Say) IN MEMORIUM:BOSTON

so pointless, it’s true

this bald faced lie

i’m tellin’ you

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  • leb we leave

:127 JOHN WAYNE plays ‘STICKY WEB mk II’ as in, I HOPE YOU’RE HUNGRY (taken from the unfinished album ‘abortions’)

:127 JOHN WAYNE plays ‘STICKY WEB mk II’ as in, I HOPE YOU’RE HUNGRY (taken from the unfinished album ‘abortions’)

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  • Rudy Trouvé Forever

:125 DTPG Lacquer Master Side 1 (test)

DTPG cut a record that has not yet been pressed. In fact, the mastering house threw the masters in the trash, I guess because they’re [redacted].


Artwork by Rudy Trouvé.


Rudy, I  love you.

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  • Low-Riduh

:124 Concession Speech

Special Election Coverage in the year of our Dog


For Your Listening Pleasure





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  • Satie

:120 Sautee

oh you clever bastard

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  • or planed, I suppose

:117 Redolant European Tour Overview

ohm, or one of the several I should have not posted

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  • 1950s

:115 I Wish I Could See In Technicolor

I’ve never seen such infinite beauty in my life/can you see it? it’s right here in front of me, right now/did you say, did you say that you can see it?

it’s, it’s, I can’t tell you about it/if you can’t see it/then you’ll just never know it/ i feel sorry for you/

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  • I suppose

:112 Redundum (sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar)

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