• roop

:175 Roop Martin Bueet

dedicated too

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:170 3th of July

celebrating the day before


july 3th


live in decaturr

July 3rd, 2017|Acoustic, Ambient, Improv, live, Long, Nature, Podcasts, Soundtrack|0 Comments

:165 Marbles

Is there anything we want to say about ‘Marbles’?

Ingram wants to say ‘I love you’.

Julian wishes to say nothing.

Stella says ‘January’s fields are green’.


Just like Gram.


laughter (in the tafter)


The Ingram also says ‘Spell green for Gram and do everything the wrong way, like jkhdfsgfkjdgajfhbdjkabskfhgjakwbfhjaewbvfkagvwgskjfd’.

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  • what is this alt-text bullshit

:163 Snorkeling in the Methane Sea

alt delete

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  • but it used to be a ...

:162 ATL Mammals Warmup to Silence (feat. ATL)

we aspire

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  • yes, the cops showed up

:155 Cry Me a River, Joaquin/It Used to Be Called the Passing Lane

what the bloody hell were they doing there in armed camper vans?

over one hundred thousand, you know

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  • All Totarry Natuella

:131 Forest Fires Are Totally Natural


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  • In Memorium

:129 Ricochet (You Could Say) IN MEMORIUM:BOSTON

so pointless, it’s true

this bald faced lie

i’m tellin’ you

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  • Rudy Trouvé Forever

:125 DTPG Lacquer Master Side 1 (test)

DTPG cut a record that has not yet been pressed. In fact, the mastering house threw the masters in the trash, I guess because they’re [redacted].


Artwork by Rudy Trouvé.


Rudy, I  love you.

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  • Satie

:120 Sautee

oh you clever bastard

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