:174 burple

noh commentt

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:172 toothpaste

don’t forget to dry the toothpaste before bed

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  • dig these shadows

:171 Bamboo Chutes

Bamboo Chutes

Immigrant Labor

Darling, won’t you?


Shampoo Fruits

Imminent Danger

Darling, won’t you?


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:158 Echoplexing the SSL at the Gates of Hell

Eli dropped of a tube Echoplex from the 1950s and I am checking it out, here’s the goddamn proof.

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  • feat Summer

:154 You Take the Whole Cake

a demo i found

John Wayne is Dead, Long Live John Wayne.

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  • feat JOHN ROGERS

:139 DPA Formerly Apparent

wherein DeadPan Alley improvise a western tune, replete with cutlery.

BP = bass
JR (old JR not new JR) = lead guitar
AL = electric guitar
EMI = piano

live in the studio from the archives, recorded at the east lake edition of studilaroche in that tiny bedroom studio wherein we tried to write as a group and this is what we concocted

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  • Why, Hello?

:136 Strike!


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  • No, Really

:102 Old Ninety Sixers

Hot off the presses. I started this an hour and a half ago and it’s already back from the mastering house and duplicated just for you.

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  • I mean

:098 Slight First Draft

a while ago, in reverb, i tried to do this.

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  • burp

:093 Today


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