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:085 Basement Test Archaic

wherein two, or perhaps three, persons gather together with spirits and one special delay pedal. as a test, a toast, a feast, a foast. probably feat. J.Rhum, in all likelihood feat. B. Furlong and definitely a B.Price. A Basement Test, In Deed. from the archives™.

January 9th, 2011|Acoustic, Ambient, Improv, Podcasts, Short|Comments Off on :085 Basement Test Archaic
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:081 Don’t Answer

super fast: three hours or so, give or take a few minutes, you know: inspired by DTPG: the latest in the sixty second series: why, this must be number four or five, or so: also, one of my favorites.

November 24th, 2010|Acoustic, Ambient, Electronic, Improv, Podcasts, Short, Soundtrack, studio|Comments Off on :081 Don’t Answer
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:064 Fragmenting Peacefully

Featuring the TI in IN on drums, they’re panned hard left. featuring JR on a little bit of guitar. the **** is rocking the boat till it capsizes. or something. lyric from Gerry Mander, i think. it’s late.
bonne soirée.

December 16th, 2009|Acoustic, Electronic, Improv, Long, Podcasts, Short, song, studio|Comments Off on :064 Fragmenting Peacefully
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:061 Autumns Are Rising (slight reduction)

At the risk of being opaque, I’ll not introduce this song. If you’d like some insight, email or call me. Special Thanks to Collin Jordan and Paul Klee.

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:059 Dead in the Water -> You’re Free -> Any Time!


Seriously, I can and have listened to this for hours. Not bad for a demo.


i had the large door open to my left and as i played the drums for four hours I watched the clouds slide silently by. inspiring. i can hear the clouds drift by in the drums performance. that’s the beauty of hi res audio. recording the clouds. resonant frequency.


August 17th, 2009|Acoustic, Electronic, Improv, Long, Podcasts, Short, song, studio|Comments Off on :059 Dead in the Water -> You’re Free -> Any Time!
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:055 flay

:055 flay – feat. SLP on vocals & percussion also feat. MLP on percussion. check out the robot action in the back half. word.

February 15th, 2009|Acoustic, Electronic, Kids, Podcasts, Short, SLP, song, studio|Comments Off on :055 flay
  • Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

:054 Humans are the Royalty of Nature

also, this is the first piece that I played for JR.


many thanks to Gerry Mander for his brilliant analysis

February 1st, 2009|Acoustic, Electronic, Podcasts, Short, song, video|Comments Off on :054 Humans are the Royalty of Nature
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:053 just a sec honey

January 7th, 2009|Electronic, Podcasts, Short, studio|Comments Off on :053 just a sec honey
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:051 melange

:051: mélange : the end of two thousand eight is nigh -> this is a mélange of all the demos.ideas.noodles that were done in logic this year. none of them were finished and a few may even deserve to be finished at a later date, perhaps. this is a long one. i never said it was listenable. track listing:
AAA ->
It’s All the Same ->
-034 ->
drums ->
affiliated ->
norr ->
micromoog ->
guitar 78 ->
emexxfour ->
april 1stst ->
in concert ->
nano ->
new ->
ho, my goodness ->
09 may 2008 ->
oh, sit, it’s august,
stella’s country song ->
stella’s french horn ->
the waiting (in a church) ->
intent alt.demo ->
train ->
huh (in a church)
FIN. ->
fin de deux mille huit.
merci d’écouter.
bonne nuit.
je t’adore.

January 2nd, 2009|Acoustic, Ambient, Electronic, Improv, live, Long, Podcasts, Short, song, studio|Comments Off on :051 melange
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:050 Makes You Real

050 : makes you real. this is what I sound like in real life.

December 28th, 2008|Podcasts, Short, song, studio|Comments Off on :050 Makes You Real