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:048 That Come from California

:048 the next in the series of thirty second songs. this one is a little bouncier than usual. dedicated to k. baker->. dig?

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:027 Title Deleted Due to Advertising

Erin and Alex and I did this a long time ago. I think it was that gang, my memory is a little fuzzywuzzuwasabear.



This is an advertisement I did for rapoM that didn’t get used. I can’t imagine why. This is the demo mix – we didn’t even get past the demo stage in our relationship. Oh where, oh where can my baby be?thisisstilltemporary@yahoo.com > I should also mention that this is the afore mentioned 30 second song, i suppose third in a series of ~thirty second songs.

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:026 warbleleighwarbullee

what’s up shawty

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:025 Just Do What I Tell You To

This was a wonderful vacation in NC several years ago. Lots of bicycling around the party people with a head full of owsley. Lots of drinking through the night while writing and recording this in the downstairs bead-board bedroom, trying not to wake up everyone upstairs.



this is a record of vacation time at the beach. wrightsville beach, nc, to be exact. al recorded whilst on vacation at the beach > nuclear hot dogs ! >

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:018 Blue Skies Our Clear

this describes it perfectly, or at least it did way back when:

:018: blue skies an clear: a lovely, albeit short, piece by BL and BP, mostly beaux theaux. produced by BP and BLĀ at studilaroche, of the spence varietal. contact, no really, i’d love to hear from you: ben at com.

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:016 su yung nee

the picture is cool – I was taking photographs at night with a flash, just hoping for something cool. Check out the cockroach!


no comment.


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