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:171 Bamboo Chutes

Bamboo Chutes

Immigrant Labor

Darling, won’t you?


Shampoo Fruits

Imminent Danger

Darling, won’t you?


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  • feat Summer

:154 You Take the Whole Cake

a demo i found

John Wayne is Dead, Long Live John Wayne.

July 20th, 2015|Acoustic, live, Podcasts, Short, song|0 Comments
  • Giveth and Gareth Taketh aAwayeth

:145 For Real Though

horn arrangement from some HIGH BIAS tune that I pulled off our one released EP, so I suppose this is an outtake from an outtake, har dee har har.


Oh right, I remember now, it was from the tune ‘100 words’.

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  • for real!

:132 Casiopeia

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  • leb we leave

:127 JOHN WAYNE plays ‘STICKY WEB mk II’ as in, I HOPE YOU’RE HUNGRY (taken from the unfinished album ‘abortions’)

:127 JOHN WAYNE plays ‘STICKY WEB mk II’ as in, I HOPE YOU’RE HUNGRY (taken from the unfinished album ‘abortions’)

February 19th, 2013|Ambient, Improv, live, Podcasts, song, studio|0 Comments
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:123 Tiffany’s as demoed by John Wayne

123: the A-Side to the previously released B-Side, also known as ‘chrome lover (cf:122). This mix has not been mastered, so, you know what I’m saying?




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:122 Chrome Lover as demoed by John Wayne

so JHN WYNE died last Summer with only two recordings in the can. This is one: CHROME LOVER featuring RE-201, the spaciest of echoes in the wings. After staring at me for the past year or so I have decided that the current state is done regardless of whether the actual state of being is done or not.

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  • siddy one

:121 fifty one sixty on (demo, rough)

BP makes this acoustic guitar demo for the JHN WAYNE. believe it or not i’m walking on air and it’s in the air tonight stop repeat love full

August 15th, 2012|Acoustic, Podcasts, song, studio|0 Comments
  • or was it the basement

:119 Coda EON 01

HIGH BIAS rough mix from the later released EPONYMOUS EP

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  • Isn't anything

:116 Beauty Sleeps (demo)

what you say to me

question everything

drifts apart in time


time is where

beauty sleeps

the kind of air

you used to breathe


so take it in

and hold it deep

the restless head

it begs, it-


what you say to me

Isn’t Anything

rips across my spine


can’t take it back

make it undone

it pleases me

to pull you down

you come back up

to my surprise

disembark this stupid ride

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