• maybe give it a shot yourself

:180 Juin en Repose

june summer evening on the porch watching the passersby pass by, nothing much going on, just relax, everything’s fine.

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  • roop

:175 Roop Martin Bueet

dedicated too

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:170 3th of July

celebrating the day before


july 3th


live in decaturr

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  • oh why


recorded in bed

this is how i have felt

once or mornce

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  • Satie

:120 Sautee

oh you clever bastard

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  • ZAMBI!

:118 Ricky Keller – 7″ Demo Reel

I house a bit of the tape library from Ricky Keller and Southern Living At Its Finest in my studio. While perusing the titles the other day I found a 7″ tape box labeled ‘Music Composed + Arranged by Ricky Keller” PO BOX 7066 Atlanta, GA 30357…’ It’s a demo reel of various compositions from the ’80s. Who said something about razor blades?


We miss you, Ricky!

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  • 1950s

:115 I Wish I Could See In Technicolor

I’ve never seen such infinite beauty in my life/can you see it? it’s right here in front of me, right now/did you say, did you say that you can see it?

it’s, it’s, I can’t tell you about it/if you can’t see it/then you’ll just never know it/ i feel sorry for you/

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  • I suppose

:112 Redundum (sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar)

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  • Thanks, JR

:095 Maria

I wrote this for a soundtrack JR and I were working on for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. We got about 25 minutes of material composed. We intended to perform it live along with the film. Dreams.



for the aborted

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  • the drone is too loud

:081 Don’t Answer

super fast: three hours or so, give or take a few minutes, you know: inspired by DTPG: the latest in the sixty second series: why, this must be number four or five, or so: also, one of my favorites.

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