• or blocké

:137 oh, the paths you’ll take

oh well,


here we go loop-de-loop


ok, here’s the real story. while working in the studio if I happen upon a cool loop or sub-mix or half speed thing I’ll often dump it down to cassette tape. This is a transfer of one side of that cassette tape. comprised of bits of all kinds of projects. dig.

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  • Why, Hello?

:136 Strike!


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  • for real!

:132 Casiopeia

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  • In Memorium

:129 Ricochet (You Could Say) IN MEMORIUM:BOSTON

so pointless, it’s true

this bald faced lie

i’m tellin’ you

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  • leb we leave

:127 JOHN WAYNE plays ‘STICKY WEB mk II’ as in, I HOPE YOU’RE HUNGRY (taken from the unfinished album ‘abortions’)

:127 JOHN WAYNE plays ‘STICKY WEB mk II’ as in, I HOPE YOU’RE HUNGRY (taken from the unfinished album ‘abortions’)

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  • Rudy Trouvé Forever

:125 DTPG Lacquer Master Side 1 (test)

DTPG cut a record that has not yet been pressed. In fact, the mastering house threw the masters in the trash, I guess because they’re [redacted].


Artwork by Rudy Trouvé.


Rudy, I  love you.

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  • Low-Riduh

:124 Concession Speech

Special Election Coverage in the year of our Dog


For Your Listening Pleasure





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  • feat

:123 Tiffany’s as demoed by John Wayne

123: the A-Side to the previously released B-Side, also known as ‘chrome lover (cf:122). This mix has not been mastered, so, you know what I’m saying?




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:122 Chrome Lover as demoed by John Wayne

so JHN WYNE died last Summer with only two recordings in the can. This is one: CHROME LOVER featuring RE-201, the spaciest of echoes in the wings. After staring at me for the past year or so I have decided that the current state is done regardless of whether the actual state of being is done or not.

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  • siddy one

:121 fifty one sixty on (demo, rough)

BP makes this acoustic guitar demo for the JHN WAYNE. believe it or not i’m walking on air and it’s in the air tonight stop repeat love full

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