• siddy one

:121 fifty one sixty on (demo, rough)

BP makes this acoustic guitar demo for the JHN WAYNE. believe it or not i’m walking on air and it’s in the air tonight stop repeat love full

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  • Satie

:120 Sautee

oh you clever bastard

July 19th, 2012|Ambient, Electronic, Long, Podcasts, Soundtrack, studio|0 Comments
  • or was it the basement

:119 Coda EON 01

HIGH BIAS rough mix from the later released EPONYMOUS EP

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  • ZAMBI!

:118 Ricky Keller – 7″ Demo Reel

I house a bit of the tape library from Ricky Keller and Southern Living At Its Finest in my studio. While perusing the titles the other day I found a 7″ tape box labeled ‘Music Composed + Arranged by Ricky Keller” PO BOX 7066 Atlanta, GA 30357…’ It’s a demo reel of various compositions from the ’80s. Who said something about razor blades?


We miss you, Ricky!

June 27th, 2012|Podcasts, Soundtrack, studio|1 Comment
  • or planed, I suppose

:117 Redolant European Tour Overview

ohm, or one of the several I should have not posted

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  • Isn't anything

:116 Beauty Sleeps (demo)

what you say to me

question everything

drifts apart in time


time is where

beauty sleeps

the kind of air

you used to breathe


so take it in

and hold it deep

the restless head

it begs, it-


what you say to me

Isn’t Anything

rips across my spine


can’t take it back

make it undone

it pleases me

to pull you down

you come back up

to my surprise

disembark this stupid ride

May 20th, 2012|Podcasts, song, studio|0 Comments
  • 1950s

:115 I Wish I Could See In Technicolor

I’ve never seen such infinite beauty in my life/can you see it? it’s right here in front of me, right now/did you say, did you say that you can see it?

it’s, it’s, I can’t tell you about it/if you can’t see it/then you’ll just never know it/ i feel sorry for you/

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  • But Really They Are

:114 Anomie (You Know Things Are Not OK*)

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  • hi earl

:113 Reverend Twenty

wherein JR and BP as DTPG lay down an odd egg

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  • I suppose

:112 Redundum (sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar)

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