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:099 Someone’s Lo Recommendations

Word: this collaboration with JR a few months back in the depths of winter comes to you much later than anyone anticipated. This was a back and forth, call and response type of overdubbing. Too much, not enough, you say? I don’t want to hear it. I don’t need to hear it. But sit down, calm down and tell me what’s bugging you. As long as it’s not the mix penne. Fuck you.

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:098 Slight First Draft

a while ago, in reverb, i tried to do this.

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:097 Til Death Do Us Fly

Peruse at your peril this song of indeterminate entropy.

Certainly it was never finished as the synthesized horn bit towards the end merely hints at the horn section I had in my head at the time. Also, I never got around to eliminate the clashing bits in that same area. Also, I could go on and on but really, I think this is a funny little piece of music. It may not reflect this in the sound of the piece but I kept hearing this old Jim Morrison record looping in the soft quiet places of my brain and head. You know, An American Prayer. Like, bit for bit, right? Holla.

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:096 (Disguise the Sky) Lighter Than the Air

from a ‘dinosaur’ act comes this lighter than the air i heed you take the singer’s advice.

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:095 Maria

I wrote this for a soundtrack JR and I were working on for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. We got about 25 minutes of material composed. We intended to perform it live along with the film. Dreams.



for the aborted

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:093 Today


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:092 April Song for April Showers

:092 April Song for April Showers (Demo)
this one is happening quickly and started at the studio but migrated home where some compromises were made but all-in-all it seems like a nice piece of work. written and recorded in an evening, Saturday, quickly mixed tonight, Sunday, 2011.04.10 and into the wee hours of 2011.04.11 as I write this. sometimes inspiration comes when no inspiration comes. I know I’ve been out to lunch but I’ll telephone in the near future.

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:091 Four Tracks to Babylon

some sort of electronic eulogy for a K.P. and EVERY ONE IS WELCOME THOUGH I DON’T know how much sense it indeed makes late night early tomorrow good night amen amen

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:090 Fucked Up Everything is Not Stars

in rehearsal for a john wayne show which I now find out it canceled I leave you with this live improvisation from said rehearsal. It just happened,what can I say? Be responsible? What?

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:089 Fairer Seed

Death to Pretty Girls presents ‘Fairer Seed’ : live in the studio, one take, no overdubs, no regrets, no remorse. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? If you did, you’d probably write, though, wouldn’t you? Too many questions, indeed.

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