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good lord, all the way

2001, the year the

world ended again


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:111 Groovy Kind of Love (Xmas demos)

recorded in the mountains of western Virginia

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:084 Three is Like Four

:084 -> Three is Like Four -> This might be the Xmas EP for this year. There are other ideas dripping around the studio but I’m not sure there’s time to wipe them up before I head out of town to X.

3 sections:

A) Introduction
B) Hysteria
C) Redemption

Piano by KL. Drums by GS. Preacher by Preacher.
Twelve String Acoustic Guitar by TT.
Everything Else by BP, engineered and produced, too.
Bass by Oberheim Matrix 1000 (blackface).


More to come.

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  • feat JR

:066 Xmas 2009

066 Xmas EP 2009. Late, but sometimes that’s not better than at all.

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:031 The System is the Solution

so here it is…xmas part deux dredux by luxurious manomallomarophilia this song takes a cue from the past: use your balance control when the strings come in, they’re only in the right and the guitar is only in the left, so you can mix and match. mono is your friend.

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:030 Fragment of Xmas 2007 EP

Just before the big move to Indiana, I pooped this out for the annual XMAS EP. That’s where I met Jonny, sigh & swoon.


:030: a magical number this comes:annual xmas ep two thousand sevensurprisedne tune, not so much a song, but a collection of sounds:family (feat ersatz rehearsal pt III, also feat xxx), atlanta, ga:this one was a quick one: i think that’s it. many extra special thanks to EI for the absinthe that made this possible, though she doesn’t know it yet. don’t be mad, EI. and special thanks to CS for the silverface bassman head.

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:014 New Year’s Evening 2006

We drank so much alcohol that night, including gallons of absinthe. I think a good time was had by all, but the next morning was rough. Welcome to 2007, oy.


what was there:

studilaroche presents: an evening with the gang and absinthe, vodka, scotch, whisky, beer and ? , new year’s evening two thousand six, actually/ /produced at studilaroche by ben price/featuring: EI, KB, MH, BP/SLP/MLP

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:013 xmas 2006 ersatz rehearsal 2 pick a ho2

I like this one, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. The electronic percussion at the end was made by these handheld devices connected with a coily cable that made beats and DJ type sounds in reaction to movement. They were an Xmas present from my Mom. Thanks, Mom.


what i done wrote so long ago:

welcome to the annual xmas/not xmas/xmas ep-again, reduced to one song-just because-produced/engineered/arranged at studilaroche by BP/EI played some keyboards and theremin (simulcast in delay by BP)-this recording is ideal in stereo and _

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