COMPLETED PROJECTS, partial/it’s a work-in-progress

Aalborg Group – ‘My Favorite Pope‘ (engineering, mixing)

Adult Swim – sound design, mixing ‘Off the Air’ (Episodes 103 Dance, 502 Conflict, 503 Holes), Toonami, Star Wars: Clone Wars & consulting

Antenna Audio (engineering)

Auction House Letters – ‘Buy Here, Pay Here‘ (engineering, mixing)

Be Here Now (film sound design, production, mixing)

the Black and White District (mastering)

Book of Colors (engineering, mixing)

Bret Hartley Experience – EPs (mixing, mastering)

Cadillac Jones – ‘The Big Takedown‘ (engineering)

Cadillac Jones – Cabin Fever (engineering)

Carey – ‘VI‘ (mastering)

Chas Burrell (engineering, mixing)

Chris Stalcup & the Grange – ‘Dixie Electric Company‘ (engineering, mixing)

Ciara (vocal engineering for morning talk show)

Currency – ‘Barter‘ (mastering)

Davin McCoy (engineering, mixing)

Deadpan Alley – ‘Impedance Tube‘ (production, engineering, mixing)

Deadpan Alley – ‘Sublimity Depends Upon Unintelligibility‘ (production, engineering, mixing)

Death to Pretty Girls – ‘s/t’ (production, engineering, mixing)

Dirty Masons – ‘Pocket Kama Sutra‘ (engineering, mixing)

Disguise the Sky – ‘All Things Can Be‘ (production, engineering, mixing)

Endangered Species – s/t (featuring Jimmy Herring, T Lavitz, Richie Hayward, Kenny Gradney) (assistant Engineer)

Ethan Crump (engineering, mixing)

Ex-Wives (engineering, mixing)

Faun and a Pan FluteFaun and a Pan Flute‘ (engineering, mixing)

Five-Eight – ‘Five-Eight‘ (engineering, mixing)

Francisco Vidal – ‘Deep Tracks’ (engineering, mixing)

Gage Gilmore (piano engineering)

Gang of Four (live engineering)

Georgia Fireflies – ‘On Down the Line‘ (engineering, mixing)

Georgia Fireflies – ‘Where Do the Birds Go?‘ (mastering)

Hello Ocho ‘In Portuguese‘ (album)

Hello Ocho – Slippery Hand EP’ (engineering, mixing)

HIGH BIAS – ‘Eponymous‘ (engineering, mixing)

The Hives – (live engineering)

Jack Yoder – ‘Music Flows North‘ (mixing)

Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons – ‘Mouthful of Copper‘ (mixing)

Joe Kay/Monté Casino (mixing)

John Austin – ‘Real World‘ (performer)

John Austin – ‘Satellite Blvd‘ (mixing)

K. Michelle DuBois – ‘Lux Capone‘ (engineering, mixing)

Kidbrat – ‘Placeholder‘ (engineering, mixing)

Kristen EnglenzExtent of Play‘ (engineering, mixing)

Kristen Englenz – ‘the Better Half’ (engineering, mixing)

Larkin Poe (videos engineering, mixing)

Little Tybee – ‘For Distant Viewing‘ (engineering, mixing)

Little Tybee – ‘Tuck My Tail‘ (engineering, mixing)

Living Space (demos)

the Low Ready – ‘Pega Duro‘ (engineering, mixing)

Magicicada – ‘Wrack with Ruin‘ (mastering)

Mara (engineering, mixing))

Mark Harper – ‘Wood Room Sessions’ (engineering, mixing)

Matt Holloway – EP (engineering, mixing)

Maxwell Boecker (Works I-VI) (engineering, mixing)

Morningwood (engineering)

Musique Synthétique – ‘Human Once‘ (engineering, mixing)

Musique Synthétique – ‘Inventions‘ (engineering, mixing)

Nat Turna Project – ‘Nat Turna Project‘ (engineering, mixing)

Nillah – The Sun Show (assistant engineer)

Noise (film sound design, production, mixing)

On the Grid Productions (engineering, mixing)for video)

Outkast – ‘Stankonia‘ (assistant engineer)

Owner of the Sun – ‘Sharp Tongue‘ (engineering, mixing)

Peter Webb – ‘Liminal Space‘ (engineering, mixing)

Places to Hide – ‘Strange Lyfe‘ (engineering, mixing)

Places to Hide – ‘Almost Nothing‘ (engineering, mixing)

Places to Hide – ‘Wild and Soft‘ (engineering, mixing)

Places to Hide – ‘Getting Old‘ (engineering, mixing)

Powerbaby – ‘Get Out of Town‘ (engineering, mixing)

Project Z – s/t (featuring Ricky Keller, Jimmy Herring, Jeff Sipe, Oliver Wells) (assistant Engineer)

Project Z – ‘Lincoln Memorial‘ (assistant engineer, editing)

Ramble Tamble (mastering)

Samadha – ‘Root System‘ (engineering, mixing)

Seventh Key – Live in Atlanta (engineering) (Billy Greer from Kansas)

Shawn Mullins – ‘9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor‘ (assistant engineer)

Small Reactions (engineering)

Spirits and the Melchizedek Children – ‘So Happy It’s Sad‘ (engineering, mixing)

Suno Deko – Suno Deko (engineering)

Surlypop – ‘Surlypop‘ (engineering, mixing)

Swingset – ‘Like Teeth‘ (engineering, mixing)

Swingset – ‘New Way‘ (engineering, mixing)

Swingset – ‘Hard Youth‘ (engineering, mixing)

Tag Team – ‘Nice Try’ (album)

Telegram – ‘All the World Asleep Tonight‘ (mixing, last three tunes on album)

Telegram – ‘New EP‘ (mixing)

Third Day – ‘Come Together‘ (assistant engineer)

3 Doors Down (live recording)

Todd Reece (album)

Toni Braxton (engineering, mixing show tape)

Twittering Machine – ‘Breakfast By the Dunes‘ (production, engineering, co-mixing with Alex Lowe)

Weird Sin – ‘Seven Sacraments‘ (engineering)

Young Edison (s/t EP)

zerøwaste – (recording & mix for video)