Sterling Modular desk

Yamaha RM1608 16x8x2

Studiomaster Proline 24x8x16

TOA 16x4x4

D&R Series 2000 30x4x2 (in for repairs)

Dangerous Music Monitor ST

Tannoy System 800A

Yamaha NS10m

Yamaha HS50

Yamaha HS8S

Realistic Minimus 7 (mono)

Avid Pro Tools HD3 Accel, Mac Pro

Avid Artist Mix

Apogee Symphony mk I

Apogee AD16x

Apogee Rosetta 800

Oz Audio Q Mix HM-6 headphone amps (x3)

Redco Little Red Cue box

TEAC 3340s 1/4″ 4 track analog tape

Alesis ADAT Blackace (x2)

Marantz Cassette

MCI JH10 1/4″ analog tape

ProJect Debut Carbon turntable w/ acrylic platter

Ortofon 2M Red cartridge

Numark DM1002X mixer/phono preamp

(2) 96 point patchbays, Mogami patch cables


Roland RE-201 Space Echo tape delay (2)

AKG BX20 spring reverb

Universal Audio 6176

Focusrite ISA428

Manley Massive Passive

Crane Song STC-8

dbx 160x (x2)

dbx 903 (x2)

dbx 905 (x2)

Avid Pro Tools v10.3.8 (32 inputs, 16 outputs)

Ableton Live v9 (16 inputs, 16 outputs)

DSP-Quattro v4.4

Plugins from Fabfilter, Boz, PSP, Valhalla, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Soundtoys, iZotope, Klanghelm, Waves, McDSP, Audio Ease, Eventide, GForce, Kush, et al.


Kohler and Campbell 5′ 10″ baby grand piano

Moog Micromoog

Fender Rhodes 73 Stage mk I

Conn three manual organ

2008 ’52 Telecaster AVRI

Goya silk and steel acoustic guitar

Danelectro bass

Fender Jazz Deluxe Bass

’70s Epiphone Bard acoustic

Univox U45B

1971 Fender Super Reverb (blackface mods by Jeff Bakos)

Marshall JMP

No Name amp (think Silvertone)

Yamaha fifty112

buncha shakers, tambourines, agogs, cowbells, sleigh bells, guiro, chimes, clav├ęs, castanet, djembes, bongos, etc.

Contrabass marimba bars (C-B, no accidentals)


Lawson L47 mkII

Beyer M160


Altec 639

Sennheiser 421 x2

Cascade Fathead II

Shure SM57 x5

Shure SM7

Shure 520SL

Shure Burger King Unidyne

Heil PR30

Rode NT5 x4

Rode NT1

Marshall 2001

Placid Audio Copperphone x2

Yamaha NS10m speaker-as-mic

EV 671


Sennheiser e609