Current Gigs

Adult Swim – sound design/mixing show trailers (Final Space, the Jellies, Action Team Unite, Yuri On Ice, Lupin, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin)

Auction House Letters – EP (mastering)

Chew – Darque Tan (mastering)

Chris Stalcup and the Grange – (mixing, mastering EP of new tunes)

Chris Stalcup and the Grange – (mixing, mastering instrumental EP)

Chris Stalcup and the Grange – (mastering EP of older tunes)

Kim Madsen (engineering, mixing)

Rumours (mastering)

Recently Completed

PENN BRYCEWalk With Me  (production)


Parsons Rocket Projects/t EP

Faun and a Pan Flute  (“2014-2016” (engineering, mixing) (RIP)

Chris ChildsOde to Jupiter, Swamp Things (mastering)

Chris Childs Trio – “If I Were a Little Boy, I’d Be a Little Girl” (mixing, mastering)

BASreliefs/t (mastering)

Majid Araim – Excerpts From an Opera, Cardinal Queen (mastering)

Whispers of Night – Dead Blessing (mastering)

Andy Ditzler  – Billy Ray (mixing)

Green Screen (mixing, mastering)

Keith Leslie – The Warm Light (engineering, mixing, mastering)

David McClatcheyGlass Airplanes (mixing)

Hello Ocho EP (engineering, mixing, unreleased)

Emma Gies – What Is Done In Love (mastering)

Karaoke – How To Make You Boil (mastering)

Book of Colors (engineering, mixing unreleased single ‘Falling, Falling’)

Casey Hood ‘Undone‘ (mastering)

Chris Stalcup & the Grange (Downhearted Fools) (co-production, engineering, mixing)

Melissa & Kenneth Buck (engineering, mixing, unreleased)

Cult of Riggonia  “Nerltag” (mixing)

DiCaprio “I Went to the Mall Yesterday and I Got Sick” (engineering, mixing)

Kyle Swick (engineering, mixing)

Little Tybee (s/t album) (engineering, mixing)

Loner “In the Tides of Time” (mastering)

Maxwell Boecker (Works I-VI)

Peter Webb (demos)

“Purple” (mastering, private release)

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