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:106 Naysayer Rough Tape Mmix

a collaboration betweenEMI of IN and BP in GA. acoustic guitar and moog bass were recorded together, live, no click track at the old Inman Park studio. piano/keys overdubs were done in IN and other overdubs and edits were accomplished elsewhere. Rough mix dumped down to 1/4″ for the sheer fun of it. It’s not the final mix but I don’t have the manic depression to mix this right now.

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:098 Slight First Draft

a while ago, in reverb, i tried to do this.

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  • From Beyond the Gravel

:092 April Song for April Showers

:092 April Song for April Showers (Demo)
this one is happening quickly and started at the studio but migrated home where some compromises were made but all-in-all it seems like a nice piece of work. written and recorded in an evening, Saturday, quickly mixed tonight, Sunday, 2011.04.10 and into the wee hours of 2011.04.11 as I write this. sometimes inspiration comes when no inspiration comes. I know I’ve been out to lunch but I’ll telephone in the near future.

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:079 Kilan Bels

:079 Kilan Bels .all instruments except bass guitar recorded through a Shure 520SL microphone. Ham style. This podcast is not Kosher™ but is Halal†

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:061 Autumns Are Rising (slight reduction)

At the risk of being opaque, I’ll not introduce this song. If you’d like some insight, email or call me. Special Thanks to Collin Jordan and Paul Klee.

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:059 Dead in the Water -> You’re Free -> Any Time!


Seriously, I can and have listened to this for hours. Not bad for a demo.


i had the large door open to my left and as i played the drums for four hours I watched the clouds slide silently by. inspiring. i can hear the clouds drift by in the drums performance. that’s the beauty of hi res audio. recording the clouds. resonant frequency.


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  • Hole

:058 Chrome Lover (as puked out by John Wayne With the Power & the Glory (demo))

This is an early demo which John Wayne With the Power & the Glory made in the summer of 2009. There’s a more recent version upcoming on this very podcast. Hold on to your hats, seats and whatever you might lose as your mind disintegrates. This one is kinda stiff in comparison. Truthfully, I’d pull it down put that’s some revisionist history bullshit.


Wherein John Wayne with the Power and the Glory meet Charles Bukkake for a drink at the local pub. feat. BP, JR, SR.

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  • Messy Bed

:045 Autumn Leaves Are In Your Eyes

:045 autumn leaves in your eyes: turn your volume control up for this one. enjoy. feat MLP on the low harmonies. Started simply as a test of the new studio, all through one particular microphone and particular preamp, no compression or EQ in tracking. right-ee-oh.

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:037 Intent Demo

037 intent -> i’m pretending to be at the beach this week. i know it’s cold here, but it’s still very nice to stay at the beach house. my eyes are closed, i feel the wind on my face and smell the water, salted black. i’m having a beer, and it’s good.

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