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:160 HOPTERCOPTER [redacted]

Buy it at [redacted] for free here. [redacted] KB in Chicago. Thanks, [redacted] sheet music for an old standard to practice inversions.


I might [redacted]. No, wait, there’s not [redacted] cups.

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:051 melange

:051: mélange : the end of two thousand eight is nigh -> this is a mélange of all the demos.ideas.noodles that were done in logic this year. none of them were finished and a few may even deserve to be finished at a later date, perhaps. this is a long one. i never said it was listenable. track listing:
AAA ->
It’s All the Same ->
-034 ->
drums ->
affiliated ->
norr ->
micromoog ->
guitar 78 ->
emexxfour ->
april 1stst ->
in concert ->
nano ->
new ->
ho, my goodness ->
09 may 2008 ->
oh, sit, it’s august,
stella’s country song ->
stella’s french horn ->
the waiting (in a church) ->
intent alt.demo ->
train ->
huh (in a church)
FIN. ->
fin de deux mille huit.
merci d’écouter.
bonne nuit.
je t’adore.

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:011 There’s Something on My Tongue

this is a collection of demos and recordings I was making at the time. A lot of them were experiments in getting to know Pro Tools. May require patience.

The photo is from a trip we made to Las Vegas where I officiated at the wedding of EI and MH, now happily divorced.

ür text:

wherein: an album is scrapped, presumed lost, searched for and not found, time passed, time passed, time passed then i found a tape of rough mixes and now here they are for your pleasure, hopefully the lost album of PILE : there’s something on my tongue/ email for more details. (featuring e.igney, b.latham, d.brown,b.moon,j.rogers,c.foley,a.lowe,m.laroche,j.cale,more to come/thanksforlistening/?)

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