• alt helll no

:177 Eleventy Heaven

jus goofin’, no EQ no compression just a pile of limiting

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  • see above

:169 fuck me boots

DTPG live on Elizabeth Street, Inman Park, ATL 2011


Of course the discerning listener will note

the preacher sample also featured in podcast

:084 Three is Like Four‘.

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:165 Marbles

Is there anything we want to say about ‘Marbles’?

Ingram wants to say ‘I love you’.

Julian wishes to say nothing.

Stella says ‘January’s fields are green’.


Just like Gram.


laughter (in the tafter)


The Ingram also says ‘Spell green for Gram and do everything the wrong way, like jkhdfsgfkjdgajfhbdjkabskfhgjakwbfhjaewbvfkagvwgskjfd’.

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  • wanker

:159 Powerslide into Public’s Third Base

wait, just a quick test

like tossing a tossed salad

the wet, hot summer






come give a kiss to

come give a kiss to me too-

come give a kiss to

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  • I do

:148 Autre


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  • dope

:144 Bllep Blurrp


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  • break em open

:138 OK OK OK Already

brains inside

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  • or blocké

:137 oh, the paths you’ll take

oh well,


here we go loop-de-loop


ok, here’s the real story. while working in the studio if I happen upon a cool loop or sub-mix or half speed thing I’ll often dump it down to cassette tape. This is a transfer of one side of that cassette tape. comprised of bits of all kinds of projects. dig.

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  • pls

:133 (should you say) IN MEMORIUM:BOS TWO

another memorial

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  • All Totarry Natuella

:131 Forest Fires Are Totally Natural


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