• dig these shadows

:171 Bamboo Chutes

Bamboo Chutes

Immigrant Labor

Darling, won’t you?


Shampoo Fruits

Imminent Danger

Darling, won’t you?


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  • Blessed are the cheesemakers


good lord, all the way

2001, the year the

world ended again


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  • i love you


myrna leigh, dang, this is pretty good, the closing track from the 2002 DPA Xmas EP.

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  • i love you


from the DeadPan Alley 2002 Xmas EP featuring three tunes:


)! there’s no shame in dying

)@ promises, promises

)# conversation suicide


we’ll skip the first track or now, hehe, and go straight to the stone cold Molly classic PROMISES, PROMISES






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  • what is this alt-text bullshit

:163 Snorkeling in the Methane Sea

alt delete

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  • but it used to be a ...

:162 ATL Mammals Warmup to Silence (feat. ATL)

we aspire

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  • wanker

:159 Powerslide into Public’s Third Base

wait, just a quick test

like tossing a tossed salad

the wet, hot summer






come give a kiss to

come give a kiss to me too-

come give a kiss to

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:158 Echoplexing the SSL at the Gates of Hell

Eli dropped of a tube Echoplex from the 1950s and I am checking it out, here’s the goddamn proof.

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  • yes, the cops showed up

:155 Cry Me a River, Joaquin/It Used to Be Called the Passing Lane

what the bloody hell were they doing there in armed camper vans?

over one hundred thousand, you know

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  • feat Summer

:154 You Take the Whole Cake

a demo i found

John Wayne is Dead, Long Live John Wayne.

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