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good lord, all the way

2001, the year the

world ended again


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  • i love you


myrna leigh, dang, this is pretty good, the closing track from the 2002 DPA Xmas EP.

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from the DeadPan Alley 2002 Xmas EP featuring three tunes:


)! there’s no shame in dying

)@ promises, promises

)# conversation suicide


we’ll skip the first track or now, hehe, and go straight to the stone cold Molly classic PROMISES, PROMISES






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  • feat JOHN ROGERS

:139 DPA Formerly Apparent

wherein DeadPan Alley improvise a western tune, replete with cutlery.

BP = bass
JR (old JR not new JR) = lead guitar
AL = electric guitar
EMI = piano

live in the studio from the archives, recorded at the east lake edition of studilaroche in that tiny bedroom studio wherein we tried to write as a group and this is what we concocted

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:077 Nouveaux Techneaux (demo)

from 2001, the day the earth stood still

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  • EAT IT

:074 DeadPan Alley – Fillibuster

as recorded by DeadPan Alley back in 2001/2002. As I recall most of the recording is live. The lead vocal was overdubbed mostly in one pass. We had to stop as I ran out of breath. So we stopped, rolled the tape machine back a few bars and punched right in…so, technically, two takes. I think the guitars are live, as is the bass and drums…perhaps even the keys. Fuck, it’s been a long time. Recorded and Mixed at Southern Living At Its Finest, home of Ricky Keller. We miss you! Mastered by Alex Lowe at Red Tuxedo. Taken violently from the album ‘Impedance Tube’.

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