• Rudy Trouvé Forever

:125 DTPG Lacquer Master Side 1 (test)

DTPG cut a record that has not yet been pressed. In fact, the mastering house threw the masters in the trash, I guess because they’re [redacted].


Artwork by Rudy Trouvé.


Rudy, I  love you.

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  • hi earl

:113 Reverend Twenty

wherein JR and BP as DTPG lay down an odd egg

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  • spinet piano and sax through amps

:103 DTPG – Take My Breath Away (demo)

All Postslive piano and sax




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  • Thanks, JR

:095 Maria

I wrote this for a soundtrack JR and I were working on for Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. We got about 25 minutes of material composed. We intended to perform it live along with the film. Dreams.



for the aborted

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  • I know, I know

:090 Fucked Up Everything is Not Stars

in rehearsal for a john wayne show which I now find out it canceled I leave you with this live improvisation from said rehearsal. It just happened,what can I say? Be responsible? What?

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  • Death To Pretty Girls

:089 Fairer Seed

Death to Pretty Girls presents ‘Fairer Seed’ : live in the studio, one take, no overdubs, no regrets, no remorse. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? If you did, you’d probably write, though, wouldn’t you? Too many questions, indeed.

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  • or is it

:063 New Sensation Girl Pants

also, I had just bought this lovely Hammond M3!


featuring the words of BTK. Yes, the Killer. Thanks to Chase56!




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