• dope

:144 Bllep Blurrp


May 16th, 2014|Ambient, Improv, Podcasts, studio|0 Comments
  • Love You

:142 In Loving Memory of EMI Redux (Bm9 demo)

this happened last night



demo of ‘Bm9’ with EMI on acoustic piano, BP on Mom’s guitar

February 19th, 2014|Acoustic, Podcasts|0 Comments
  • I suppose

:112 Redundum (sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar)

January 14th, 2012|Ambient, Electronic, Improv, Podcasts, Soundtrack, studio|0 Comments
  • try try and try to fail again

:107 The Pop Culture Challenge

Real piano, indeed! Ask me how I miked it – go ahead, I dare you.

meant for looping

November 18th, 2011|Podcasts|0 Comments
  • DIG!

:105 Old Dance Party

October 28th, 2011|Electronic, Improv, live, Podcasts, song, studio|0 Comments
  • all featly

:094 sequins for the dali lama

welcome home, hoss

July 3rd, 2011|Electronic, Podcasts, song|0 Comments

:083 YSE

:083, I hardly knew thee.

December 11th, 2010|Electronic, Improv, Podcasts, song|0 Comments
  • dive/lead


:080 live/dead

August 27th, 2010|Ambient, Electronic, Improv, live, Long, Podcasts, Soundtrack, studio|0 Comments
  • beep beep

:071 Pendulum #5

not fucking worth it.

February 8th, 2010|Acoustic, Ambient, Electronic, Improv, Podcasts, studio|0 Comments
  • feel the mellotron

:069 On the Beach

this one is really long, but stick with it!

February 6th, 2010|Ambient, Long, Podcasts, Soundtrack, studio|0 Comments