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good lord, all the way

2001, the year the

world ended again


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  • i love you


myrna leigh, dang, this is pretty good, the closing track from the 2002 DPA Xmas EP.

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  • i love you


from the DeadPan Alley 2002 Xmas EP featuring three tunes:


)! there’s no shame in dying

)@ promises, promises

)# conversation suicide


we’ll skip the first track or now, hehe, and go straight to the stone cold Molly classic PROMISES, PROMISES






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:106 Naysayer Rough Tape Mmix

a collaboration betweenEMI of IN and BP in GA. acoustic guitar and moog bass were recorded together, live, no click track at the old Inman Park studio. piano/keys overdubs were done in IN and other overdubs and edits were accomplished elsewhere. Rough mix dumped down to 1/4″ for the sheer fun of it. It’s not the final mix but I don’t have the manic depression to mix this right now.

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  • Chin Up, Kid

:101 Erin and Ben Meet Satan Again

Side A of Double A side single.

Flip side to follow soon in :102 (or, rather, :106) Naysayer.

Feat. E. Igney on moog, hammond, vibe.

No click track, no metronome, no gnome in Nome.

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  • feat EMI

:065 Dry Run for a Dissolution (demo)

EMI and did this one late late night a few years ago. UTI fer sure.


065 dry run for dissolution. many things here. these are complete takes without any punching/fixing./ Many of the instruments were recorded in multiple/simultaneous live performances. Questions? Call me.

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