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:042 In Loving Memory of Erin M. Igney

:042 In Loving Memory of Erin M Igney feat. MVS1, Oberheim Matrix 1000, (ahem), RM1608, PCM42…with love.

September 27th, 2008|Electronic, Podcasts, studio|Comments Off on :042 In Loving Memory of Erin M. Igney
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:027 Title Deleted Due to Advertising

Erin and Alex and I did this a long time ago. I think it was that gang, my memory is a little fuzzywuzzuwasabear.



This is an advertisement I did for rapoM that didn’t get used. I can’t imagine why. This is the demo mix – we didn’t even get past the demo stage in our relationship. Oh where, oh where can my baby be?thisisstilltemporary@yahoo.com > I should also mention that this is the afore mentioned 30 second song, i suppose third in a series of ~thirty second songs.

October 15th, 2007|Acoustic, Electronic, Podcasts, Short, studio|Comments Off on :027 Title Deleted Due to Advertising

:009 the four vacation cotret et al

this is vacation song: laptop + a little time = this piece of sound and/or music. that’s erin on the electronic key-boards. we cut that a long time ago at the old red tuxedo studio on spring street. then i compiled all the other sounds. good night. most of this was put together on vacation, at the beach. a great time.

September 12th, 2006|Ambient, Podcasts|Comments Off on :009 the four vacation cotret et al

:008 everything through the p.a.

after rehearsal last night, erin stayed late and she performed this piece. we ran as much as we could stand to through the lousy public address system that was recently acquired. it has a particular sound; it includes a shit-ton of hiss. so dig this lo-fi, um, piece.

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