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:169 fuck me boots

DTPG live on Elizabeth Street, Inman Park, ATL 2011


Of course the discerning listener will note

the preacher sample also featured in podcast

:084 Three is Like Four‘.

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  • FFS

:153 Motives

this one isn’t done
it’s barely yet begun, yeah!
move over, winter

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  • CC

:147 Did You Break its Heart? mk II

ccbpjr licve in the studio jamming on a set of changes I had just put together,


so dreamy


so creamy


so steamy


so dreamy

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  • pleasure, baby

:146 Hypochondriac Outro, as practiced by the John Wayne

john wayne 2010.12.06 live at studilaroche, room mike recording. just the outro,


reminds me of john wayne.


we were john wayne, with the power and the glory, but who are you?
one two three

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  • in benglish

:143 pno

I forgot to EQ the piano!

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  • Love You

:142 In Loving Memory of EMI Redux (Bm9 demo)

this happened last night



demo of ‘Bm9’ with EMI on acoustic piano, BP on Mom’s guitar

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  • or planed, I suppose

:117 Redolant European Tour Overview

ohm, or one of the several I should have not posted

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  • burp

:093 Today


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  • I know, I know

:090 Fucked Up Everything is Not Stars

in rehearsal for a john wayne show which I now find out it canceled I leave you with this live improvisation from said rehearsal. It just happened,what can I say? Be responsible? What?

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  • Death To Pretty Girls

:089 Fairer Seed

Death to Pretty Girls presents ‘Fairer Seed’ : live in the studio, one take, no overdubs, no regrets, no remorse. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? If you did, you’d probably write, though, wouldn’t you? Too many questions, indeed.

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