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:144 Bllep Blurrp


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:099 Someone’s Lo Recommendations

Word: this collaboration with JR a few months back in the depths of winter comes to you much later than anyone anticipated. This was a back and forth, call and response type of overdubbing. Too much, not enough, you say? I don’t want to hear it. I don’t need to hear it. But sit down, calm down and tell me what’s bugging you. As long as it’s not the mix penne. Fuck you.

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:080 live/dead

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:078 John Wayne, live at Wonderoot

This is John Wayne live at WonderRoot in Atlanta, GA on 19 June 2010. We opened for Verge of Bliss and the Sylvans. Two other bands were scheduled to play but they both bailed. Los Angeles calls.

John Wayne is a trio.

With plays GuiTele, looping, live radio streaming, hi hat and two vocal mikes.

Glory plays voice, guitar, shakers, snare drum and clavé.

Power plays bass, synthesizer, bass drum, bells, ride cymbal and the occasional voice.

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:059 Dead in the Water -> You’re Free -> Any Time!


Seriously, I can and have listened to this for hours. Not bad for a demo.


i had the large door open to my left and as i played the drums for four hours I watched the clouds slide silently by. inspiring. i can hear the clouds drift by in the drums performance. that’s the beauty of hi res audio. recording the clouds. resonant frequency.


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:057 i’ll pick you up at eight

wherein feat. JR, SLR, wind as white noise and white noise as white noise by white noise in a white land.

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:056 It’s Something Different

feat. micromoog. in stereo!

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:055 flay

:055 flay – feat. SLP on vocals & percussion also feat. MLP on percussion. check out the robot action in the back half. word.

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  • Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

:054 Humans are the Royalty of Nature

also, this is the first piece that I played for JR.


many thanks to Gerry Mander for his brilliant analysis

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:053 just a sec honey

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