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:117 Redolant European Tour Overview

ohm, or one of the several I should have not posted

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:059 Dead in the Water -> You’re Free -> Any Time!


Seriously, I can and have listened to this for hours. Not bad for a demo.


i had the large door open to my left and as i played the drums for four hours I watched the clouds slide silently by. inspiring. i can hear the clouds drift by in the drums performance. that’s the beauty of hi res audio. recording the clouds. resonant frequency.


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:057 i’ll pick you up at eight

wherein feat. JR, SLR, wind as white noise and white noise as white noise by white noise in a white land.

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:049 Bob’s Feat

live in the studio feat. Mr. B. Furlong.


chunk, chunk, crunch, crunch.

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:015 DeadPan Alley vs. the Moon


what was there:

deadpan alley live at southern living at its finest in atlanta, georgia, usa, 2X Dec 2003, feat. BP (guitar), TFCB (drums/perc), AL (flute/perc/guitar) and EI (piano). produced by BP

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