:165 Marbles

Is there anything we want to say about ‘Marbles’?

Ingram wants to say ‘I love you’.

Julian wishes to say nothing.

Stella says ‘January’s fields are green’.


Just like Gram.


laughter (in the tafter)


The Ingram also says ‘Spell green for Gram and do everything the wrong way, like jkhdfsgfkjdgajfhbdjkabskfhgjakwbfhjaewbvfkagvwgskjfd’.

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  • for real, I mean,

:055 flay

:055 flay – feat. SLP on vocals & percussion also feat. MLP on percussion. check out the robot action in the back half. word.

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  • too much

:038 String Theory/Side Attraction

another no comment

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  • that's right

:024 Stinky Diapers, Stinky Poop (Libba)

in the beginning:

feat. SLP and LP. recorded on vacation in wrightsville beach, nc. >. thanks to the parsley fam for the house.

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