• the drone is too loud

:081 Don’t Answer

super fast: three hours or so, give or take a few minutes, you know: inspired by DTPG: the latest in the sixty second series: why, this must be number four or five, or so: also, one of my favorites.

November 24th, 2010|Acoustic, Ambient, Electronic, Improv, Podcasts, Short, Soundtrack, studio|Comments Off on :081 Don’t Answer
  • MF

:060 Summertime Stalls


September 13th, 2009|Acoustic, Ambient, Improv, Podcasts, Soundtrack, studio|Comments Off on :060 Summertime Stalls
  • I mean,

:056 It’s Something Different

feat. micromoog. in stereo!

February 20th, 2009|Ambient, Electronic, Improv, Podcasts, studio|Comments Off on :056 It’s Something Different
  • or like this

:050 Makes You Real

050 : makes you real. this is what I sound like in real life.

December 28th, 2008|Podcasts, Short, song, studio|Comments Off on :050 Makes You Real
  • the Real Jesus

:029 The Real Nineteen is Waiting





old news: commentatorship: this is just a demonstration that i’d really like to get off my hard drive. good day, sir.

November 25th, 2007|Acoustic, Electronic, Long, Podcasts, studio|Comments Off on :029 The Real Nineteen is Waiting