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:151 Is Coming to America


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  • in benglish

:143 pno

I forgot to EQ the piano!

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  • Love You

:142 In Loving Memory of EMI Redux (Bm9 demo)

this happened last night



demo of ‘Bm9’ with EMI on acoustic piano, BP on Mom’s guitar

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  • But Really They Are

:114 Anomie (You Know Things Are Not OK*)

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  • try try and try to fail again

:107 The Pop Culture Challenge

Real piano, indeed! Ask me how I miked it – go ahead, I dare you.

meant for looping

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  • No, Really

:102 Old Ninety Sixers

Hot off the presses. I started this an hour and a half ago and it’s already back from the mastering house and duplicated just for you.

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  • takes me back

:084 Three is Like Four

:084 -> Three is Like Four -> This might be the Xmas EP for this year. There are other ideas dripping around the studio but I’m not sure there’s time to wipe them up before I head out of town to X.

3 sections:

A) Introduction
B) Hysteria
C) Redemption

Piano by KL. Drums by GS. Preacher by Preacher.
Twelve String Acoustic Guitar by TT.
Everything Else by BP, engineered and produced, too.
Bass by Oberheim Matrix 1000 (blackface).


More to come.

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  • all the way from Fort Wane

:072 piano font typeface

no message?

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  • beep beep

:071 Pendulum #5

not fucking worth it.

February 8th, 2010|Acoustic, Ambient, Electronic, Improv, Podcasts, studio|0 Comments
  • or like this

:050 Makes You Real

050 : makes you real. this is what I sound like in real life.

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