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:123 Tiffany’s as demoed by John Wayne

123: the A-Side to the previously released B-Side, also known as ‘chrome lover (cf:122). This mix has not been mastered, so, you know what I’m saying?




October 18th, 2012|Podcasts, song, studio|0 Comments
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:113 Reverend Twenty

wherein JR and BP as DTPG lay down an odd egg

January 29th, 2012|Acoustic, live, Podcasts, song, studio|0 Comments
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:066 Xmas 2009

066 Xmas EP 2009. Late, but sometimes that’s not better than at all.

December 25th, 2009|Acoustic, Electronic, Long, Podcasts, song, studio, Xmas|0 Comments
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:058 Chrome Lover (as puked out by John Wayne With the Power & the Glory (demo))

This is an early demo which John Wayne With the Power & the Glory made in the summer of 2009. There’s a more recent version upcoming on this very podcast. Hold on to your hats, seats and whatever you might lose as your mind disintegrates. This one is kinda stiff in comparison. Truthfully, I’d pull it down put that’s some revisionist history bullshit.


Wherein John Wayne with the Power and the Glory meet Charles Bukkake for a drink at the local pub. feat. BP, JR, SR.

July 9th, 2009|Acoustic, Podcasts, song, studio|0 Comments