• break em open

:138 OK OK OK Already

brains inside

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  • or block√©

:137 oh, the paths you’ll take

oh well,


here we go loop-de-loop


ok, here’s the real story. while working in the studio if I happen upon a cool loop or sub-mix or half speed thing I’ll often dump it down to cassette tape. This is a transfer of one side of that cassette tape. comprised of bits of all kinds of projects. dig.

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  • Why, Hello?

:136 Strike!


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  • HELL

:134 HIGH BIAS live at 529 2013.09.03

wherein our propagandists play live on stage in an earnest endeavor to capture a magic similar to…

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  • pls

:133 (should you say) IN MEMORIUM:BOS TWO

another memorial

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  • for real!

:132 Casiopeia

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  • All Totarry Natuella

:131 Forest Fires Are Totally Natural


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  • Eat a Dick

:130 Open Up Buttercup, You’ve Reached Your Torque Limit

no description available

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  • In Memorium

:129 Ricochet (You Could Say) IN MEMORIUM:BOSTON

so pointless, it’s true

this bald faced lie

i’m tellin’ you

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  • Smoky Bahs

:128 Third/Learning

excerpt from a HIGH BIAS practice with our then new keyboardist EMI

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