:068 hurra

I’m going through old recordings dating back ten years or so. I found this tune from several years ago. It was never finished, and so -> now it is finished! I did no remixing or anything like that. Just printed the mix as is. Some people may find this to be a

February 5th, 2010|Ambient, Improv, Long, Podcasts, Soundtrack, studio|Comments Off on :068 hurra
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:036 March is Losing Face pt III/II

:036 march is losing face parts III and II feat.

March 23rd, 2008|Acoustic, Ambient, Electronic, Podcasts, song, studio|Comments Off on :036 March is Losing Face pt III/II
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:026 warbleleighwarbullee

what’s up shawty

October 12th, 2007|Podcasts, Short, studio|Comments Off on :026 warbleleighwarbullee