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myrna leigh, dang, this is pretty good, the closing track from the 2002 DPA Xmas EP.

February 21st, 2017|Acoustic, Podcasts|Comments Off on :167 CONVERSATION SUICIDE
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:111 Groovy Kind of Love (Xmas demos)

recorded in the mountains of western Virginia

January 13th, 2012|Acoustic, Kids, Podcasts, song, Xmas|Comments Off on :111 Groovy Kind of Love (Xmas demos)
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:066 Xmas 2009

066 Xmas EP 2009. Late, but sometimes that’s not better than at all.

December 25th, 2009|Acoustic, Electronic, Long, Podcasts, song, studio, Xmas|Comments Off on :066 Xmas 2009
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:031 The System is the Solution

so here it is…xmas part deux dredux by luxurious manomallomarophilia this song takes a cue from the past: use your balance control when the strings come in, they’re only in the right and the guitar is only in the left, so you can mix and match. mono is your friend.

January 7th, 2008|Acoustic, Electronic, Podcasts, studio, Xmas|Comments Off on :031 The System is the Solution