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While this website might be going through some changes, the studio is not. Contact studilaroche to book a session, ask questions, or to say hello.

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Recording sessions are often really fun because our attention turns to capturing the essence of the music which often leads to experimentation with microphones, placement, amps, rooms, tones, vibes et al.

In some ways it’s my favorite part of music production. The right sounds can inspire the performer to achieve something better than they imagined.


Mixing is the process of balancing the previously recorded tracks into the particular presentation appropriate for the band, project, label, destination, what have you. This can be a really fun experience as there’s no “right” way to mix a song, EP or album.  The correct way is the one which best represents the artist’s intention.  


Mastering takes all the songs in a project and presents them as a unified whole in terms of volume, tone, loudness and segues.  Mastering often provides the glue which binds all the elements together and makes it sound like an “album”. If the mixing of a project happens here I typically recommend an outside mastering engineer be hired so the project benefits from another room, set of speakers and most importantly, ears!

studilaroche is a recording and mixing facility located between East Atlanta and Downtown Decatur.


Studilaroche houses an eclectic collection of equipment, from analog tape to great digital converters. Sometimes purpose built equipment performs tasks with more elegance than multipurpose devices like computers.  To that end, there are Space Echo tape delay units, 1/4″ slapback tape machines, an AKG Spring reverberator, Hammond organs, a Kohler & Campbell grand piano, a Micromoog synthesizer and more here to provide inspiration in the recording and mixing processes.

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 a cabin in the woods, a barn in the country, a club in the daytime, your place, another great studio, wherever . . .

Various Mes

BP, we bring good things to life. Over time I have participated in a number of bands/projects as a musician. Here are some of the various mes I have been as I engage with other humans in the pursuit of making music.  The podcast is the main band I’m in, if that makes sense.

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We love our friends/clients/bands/musicians/hohoho

studilaroche has lots of great clients, friends, bands, companies, individuals, hobbyists who keep the studio busy.  It’s great, call me if you want to swing by.

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